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Against all expectations, your product (Canker-Rid ) healed my mouth ulcers, thus was totally bewildered). I am more than happy to offer a testimonial to my results. I cannot thank you enough for providing this remedy. As a Ph.D. who always questions correlation or serendipity versus causality, your product worked where all others, prescription and OTC alike, failed. Thanks again.

Dr. Sallie Tasto

Just wanted to let you know how much your product Canker-Rid has helped me. I get painful mouth ulcers constantly, nothing my doctor prescribed helped with the pain or healing. Your product kills the pain and quickens the healing process. GOD BLESS YOU!

Denise LaJoie

Serving Customers Since 1977

Tim Durham Sr. got his first bee hive over 40 years ago. Now, he is known in the Memphis area as "The Walls Bee Man." Tim Sr. served as the President of the Memphis Area Beekeepers Association for a number of years. Durham's Bee Farm, Inc. is family owned and operated and is proud to offer the highest quality honey bee products and supplements to customers all around the world.