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Propolis CAPSULES 500mg

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Durham's Bee Propolis comes with 120 capsules. Each capsule contains 500mg Propolis Extract.

About Propolis

Bee Propolis is a substance made by the honey bee that provides protection against harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi. Propolis is plant resin collected by bees for use in and around the hive.

Customer Reviews

Based on 95 reviews
I Love Durhams Propolis

I found this when I was looking for relief from a toenail issue several years ago. It not only cured the issue but boosted my immune system so much that when my husband got covid, I did not. Even though we were in close contact quite a bit before we realized he had it. I love this stuff and highly recommend it as a daily supplement. I personally take 1- 3 x daily.

Maria Eugenia Herrera De Cajiao SDQ 187
The best!

I have use them for over 20 years, with excellent results

Beth Sloan

Excellent Service and Great Product

Duke Rogers
Top Quality

Quality product from a quality company!
Durham’s commitment to consistently providing quality product and excellent customer service exceeded my expectations.

DL Hampshire
Great customer service and product

I have been taking propolis for many years now, and just recently had to switch brands. I stumbled upon Durhams web site, and thought I would try their product. The difference between what I was taking and Durham's is very noticeable! Durham's is very fresh looking, and much more potent. Which is a good thing! I don't have to take as much, and I feel like it works much better; ie: warding off sniffles, allergies, colds, etc. I am a proponent for bee propolis anyway, but Durham's has proven to be much better! And the CS is very helpful and quickly rectifies situations!

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    Durham’s Bee Farm, Inc. and its employees cannot and will not give medical advice for taking our products or any supplemental products. Please consult a licensed medical professional for determining if any supplements are appropriate for you to take.