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Durhams Bee Farm

Pure Natural Bee Pollen 5 lb Bulk Bag

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Net Wt. 5 pounds

Packaged in a simple plastic bag

Bulk bags of pollen are not eligible for returns or refunds. If you haven't tried our pollen before, we suggest starting with a 1/2 pound jar.


Q: How do I store it?

When buying a single pound of pollen it is usually just stored in the refrigerator. When customers buy pollen in larger bulk (i.e. 5lb bag) then the extra pollen is best stored in the freezer and a container you are using (i.e. 1lb in ziplock or other storage container) is stored in the fridge.

If you go on a trip (ie 1-2 week vacation) then it is perfectly fine to take the amount needed for your trip and not have it refrigerated. You would not want to leave it in a hot, locked up car in the summer, but to simply keep it with you as you travel at room temperature will be perfectly fine.

Q: How long does it last?

“Preppers” have been long time users of bee pollen because it is a natural food source that can be frozen and kept for a long period of time. For anyone buying pollen for personal consumption, a 5lb bag can be stored in the freezer for many months, if not several years, and remain nutritious for that period of time. If you plan on storing the pollen for a very long period (ie 1 year or more) then it would be best to vacuum seal the pollen as you would other foods for long term storage.

Q: Is bee pollen organic?

No bee keeper can consider pollen organic because insects are wild and fly where they wish. To be organic you must have full control over all aspects of the process and you can not control where bees go. With that said, they are very selective in the blooms that they work and collect pollen from. So if you buy bee pollen granules from us or any other provider, it is is considered raw or natural bee pollen.

Q: How is it dried & stored?

Our pollen is air dried and then kept in the freezer.

Q: Does it need to be soaked in water first?

No, this is not necessary. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Bill Daley
Very satisfying with your Product.

Thanks James and Timothy for your great attention and delivery of your Bee Pollen. 🐝 Well

Robert McDonald
Durham's bee pollen

For several years, Ive been taking a teaspoonful of Durham's bee pollen at every meal. To me, pollen is a cross-section of all of nature's plant foods. Also, I find Durham's Staff to be very thoughtful in updating me on their quantity discounts.

Ronald Koetzsch
Bee pollen 5 lb. bulk bag

Excellent product.

Silke Weygoldt
Not as great as I hoped for

Reading the other reviews, my expectations were high. I have purchased bee pollen from different suppliers before and have a good idea of what to look for. I was happy to see they offer bulk so I don’t have to buy 8 oz jars all the time only to find a way to get rid of them when empty. This one to me seems a bit harder than others I had before (maybe they dry it more?) but also has already a bitter taste (a sign of getting old) even though put it in the fridge right away. Since I ordered the 5 pound bag which I put in the freezer right away, I can only hope that it won’t spoil until I use it all up.
Not sure, if I will buy from them again.

Nancy Pocklington

Love the bee pollen!

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