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Durhams Bee Farm

Pure Natural Bee Pollen 5 lb Bulk Bag

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Net Wt. 5 pounds

Packaged in a simple plastic bag

Bulk bags of pollen are not eligible for returns or refunds. If you haven't tried our pollen before, we suggest starting with a 1/2 pound jar.

Customer Reviews

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Elvin Laton
Pssst, this is almost too good to share.

Durham's bee pollen is top shelf pollen! Fresh, and so sweet it's almost like eating candy. Well, not really. But for someone who avoids sugar as much as "possible," this super health food treat is a tonic kick with the added benefit of being delicious. As a 66 year old, I can tell you, Durham's bee pollen will put a certain glide in your stride, and make you feel years younger; it does for me. If you are new to bee pollen, then you have been blessed to finally find a real natural food with unsurpassed health benefits. If you already know about bee pollen's awesome power to heal, rejuvenate and energize, and your are just looking for a new supplier, then look no further. Durham's bee pollen is a good as it gets. It's something to be "thankful" for.

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