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Canker-Rid® is the best product on the market for canker sores, mouth sores, and mouth ulcers. Get rid of the pain and restore your quality of life today!

100% Money Back Guarantee!

Does your mouth look like this? Canker-Rid® can help!

One bottle of Canker-Rid® will last the average person about 6 months.

Read the countless customer reviews to see the power of Canker-Rid®!

Many of our customers have found that taking Durham’s Bee Propolis has drastically reduced and, in some cases, eliminated both canker sore outbreaks and genital herpes outbreaks.

Learn more about propolis.



OK, OK, I'm convinced. I had huge ulcers under both upper and lower lips. Couldn't eat, hard to swallow. ...I think that it cauterizes the open wound, kills the nerve endings and provides a soft cover over the ulcer so that it might heal....So, once again, the bees lead the way. I will tell all my colleagues, medical and dental alike, that this is the product to use.

-Thanks,  Dr. Rogers, M.D.


Against all expectations, your product (Canker-Rid ) healed my mouth ulcers, thus was totally bewildered). I am more than happy to offer a testimonial to my results. I cannot thank you enough for providing this remedy. As a Ph.D. who always questions correlation or serendipity versus causality, your product worked where all others, prescription and OTC alike, failed. Thanks again.

-Dr. Sallie Tasto


Just wanted to let you know how much your product Canker-Rid has helped me. I get painful mouth ulcers constantly, nothing my doctor prescribed helped with the pain or healing. Your product kills the pain and quickens the healing process.


-Denise LaJoie


I have been suffering with canker sores for the past 6 years and I have used/tested just about everything that is there in the market and nothing worked. When I saw this site at first I was doubtful thinking here goes the 'scam' again.. But I decided to give it a try after reading testimonials. I ordered it on Friday when I was having 5 blisters in my mouth (couple on my tongue and others in different areas). It is extremely painful and most of you reading this know how tough it is..

I received the package on Monday and I applied it right away...I was not aware that when you apply on the sore its little painful (I guess thats where the magic is; getting rid of the infection).

Immediately after application, the pain subsided however redness was there...It took me 2/3 days and walla!! all the sores were gone...TRULY UNBELIEVABLE!!

After trying so many products I hit the bulls eye this time. I wish I had run into this site earlier....

I would highly recommend Canker-Rid to anyone suffering from canker sores. 

-Sam, Minneaplis, MN


…Your Canker-Rid made a difference in my life.

-Susan Waters, Raleigh, NC


...Canker-Rid, There is nothing I know of that is better for mouth ulcers.

-Earl, Lyundhurst,OH


...Cold Sores don't control my life anymore thanks to Canker-Rid.

-Burt Hollings, Ind.


...Canker-Rid is the only thing that works on my Canker sores. Thank you so much.

-Billie Stoker, TX


"Canker-Rid saved my sanity. I have suffered from a progressively more serious and aggressive canker sore problem for about ten years. I make my living with my voice so any health problem that involves my mouth is very career threatening. About seven months ago I had a canker attack that left me, literally speechless. I had a sore on my tongue so large that I could no longer speak without slurring and experiencing extreme pain. I have purchased every over the counter salve, mouthwash, paste and boondoggle that is offered and nothing really works. Like most of you who have this problem your doctor could do nothing except to extract blood and tell you that tests show nothing to account for the problem. Anyway, I was very depressed and tired of the constant outbreaks. Sometimes it was one right after the other with no respite between attacks. By this time my mouth was so constantly inflamed that I could not eat anything without wondering if the burning was worth the chewing. I sat at the computer and once again began surfing the canker sore sites and somehow, and frankly I don't remember how, I found myself directed to Mr. Durham's Bee Products site where I read about Canker-Rid (Propolis). I called and mumbled my way through a conversation with Mr. Durham who told me I would finally find relief with his product. For me, just being offered hope at that point was enough. The product I ordered arrived in a few misery filled days and this is what happened. I put the Canker-Rid on the huge sore about three times the first day. Next morning I could not really talk much but I could feel a huge difference in the pain. On day two I could begin to talk and by the end of five days it was over and almost gone. My canker problem is not gone but the sores never get past the beginning phase. I hit them with Canker-Rid until the tiny start of a sore is gone and that is it. If you suffer with this, please know that I wrote this for you. The only thing standing between you and a canker free life is enough good luck to find this site and a few bucks. In short, it works".

-Daniel S., Phoenix, AZ


"I was a little bit skeptical at first if Canker-Rid would work for my canker sores, and I must say everything you stated about it on your website was right on. Now I am giving a bottle of Canker-Rid to both my father and brother who are also bothered by canker sores. It is wonderful to FINALLY find a product that not only eases the pain, but actually helps them heal much faster."  Thanks again.

-Robb H., Fairfield, CA



Note that Canker-Rid® will stain objects if spilled!

For best results, dry saliva from sore with a paper towel. Using the bottle, apply 1-2 drops to the sore or saturate a Q-tip with Canker-Rid® (3-5 drops) and apply to the sore.

After applying, breath through your mouth to speed the drying. Initially, you may experience a burning sensation with immediate relief to follow. Canker-Rid® will numb the affected areas as it begins the healing process.

Test for sensitivity. Observe for any adverse reaction.

Use as often as needed for relief. You may swallow Canker-Rid® and/or use it for sore throat symptoms.



Customer Reviews

Based on 98 reviews
Very Impressive Product

Hi :) I had dental implants 1 year ago. I have suffered canker outbreaks since the surgery. I probably have had a day or two relief between outbreaks. I had really got to the end of my tether and was completely miserable. I've tried all sorts of gels and miracle mouth wash $150 a bottle for an hour's relief! I was really breaking down and crying about having to deal with this pain nonstop. My husband is hoping to become a beekeeper when he retires. I have been enjoying learning about the life of beekeepers along with him. I found Durham bee farm on a Facebook bee group. Checked out this website and Canker Rid caught my eye. Ordered my little bottle waited on it arriving in the post. Slapped that solution on a cotton bud and didn't give a damn about the sting! Is it going to work? Well, it worked instant relief after the sting. No more pain for 6 days. Another outbreak on day 7 followed the same instructions applied the canker Rid. I swear I have had 10 days pain free no outbreak! This is the longest relief I have had in a year; I know it's still early days. I will gladly come back at a later date and give an update. Durham Bee Farm I love this little bottle of bliss. I thank you so much for producing it from the bottom of my heart. I am one happy smiling pain free Lassie :)

Wei Jiang

Fast healing, only two days spot gone.
Highly recommended.

Kam P.

Fast healing, best to use it right away as soon as you noticed the sore spot. Will save you from a lot of pain.
Highly recommended.

Joanna Stephenson

Our family has been using Canker Rid to quickly heal our canker sores for years now. It's the only thing I've found that actually works!! Highly recommend.

Best Find EVER

I’ve been struggling with canker sores all of my life. Like multiple at once, and so giant that it could break world records. This heals and dulls the pain IMMEDIATELY. I wish I found it sooner. Please don’t stop making it. Thank you!!!

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