About Us

Our Story

Durham's Bee Farm is located in the northwest corner of Mississippi. It all began back in 1977 when Tim Durham, Sr. purchased his first bee hive in Durham, NC. What started as a fascinating hobby quickly grew into a passion - a passion not only for beekeeping, but also for uncovering the many health benefits that honeybee products provide. Fast-forward 45 years, and that’s still what we are doing! 

When you ask people what bees produce, the main answer you’ll usually hear is honey. However, honeybees give us so much more than mankind’s natural sweetener. For decades, Durham’s Bee Farm has been a trusted supplier of bee propolis, bee pollen, and royal jelly in their various forms and combinations.

Today, Durham’s Bee Farm is still family-owned and family-operated, and our dedication to Health from the Hive remains as strong as it was in 1977. We would be thrilled to help you on your journey to bee happy and healthy!

Our Mission

Our mission at Durham’s Bee Farm, Inc. is to provide resources that enable every customer to discover their healthiest and most fulfilling lifestyle.


Durham’s Bee Farm, Inc. and it’s employees cannot and will not give medical advice for taking our products or any supplemental products. Please consult a licensed medical professional for determining if any supplements are appropriate for you to take.