Subscription FAQ

You can purchase items on our website as a 1 time purchase or as a subscription.  When you purchase any item as a subscription, you control the quantity and the frequency of the shipment.  

Q.  Can I change my subscription at any time?
A. Yes.  You can make a change at any time.  You must make updates or cancel the subscription before your next shipment in order to guarantee the change takes place in time. 

Q. Do you notify each month before the shipment?
A. Yes.  We will send you an email 3 days before your next shipment.  This gives you plenty of time to make any changes before the scheduled shipment.

Q. Is there any benefit to making a subscription purchase?
A. Yes.  Your shipping charge is only $1.95 and it saves you time.  If you already order 1 bottle per month then you will save on the shipping charge plus you don't have to spend anytime online to place the order.  The order will ship each month on the same day until you change or cancel it.