Subscribe and SAVE!

Do you ever get tired of ordering a product month after month?  We now offer a subscription service to automatically ship product to you on a regular schedule (that you specify).  

You can select how many of the product and how often they ship.  For example you can choose to have 1 Bottle of Queen's Delight shipped every month.  Or you may choose to have 1 Bottle of Queen's Delight every 2 months.  And even some may choose to have 3 bottles delivered every 3 months.  

The GREAT part of the subscription service is:
1) You get a 10% discount on your 2nd shipment and every shipment thereafter for the active subscription.
2) The shipping cost is only $1.95 per shipment.  

So you could have 1 bottle of Queen's Delight delivered every month for $19.91 per bottle.  
($19.95 minus 10%=$17.96 + $1.95 shipping = $19.91).  This discount would start on your 2nd shipment.


How to Subscribe?
When you view a product you have the option to:
A) Make a one time purchase (regular checkout process)
B) Subscribe and SAVE 10% (savings start on 2nd shipment forward).  Once you make this selection you will be able to select how many and how often you want it delivered.  Simple as that.

If you are making a subscription order, then standard shipping charge of $1.95 will apply, regardless of quantity purchased.  If you want the maximum quantity discount (usually 10 bottles) then you would just make a one time purchase of 10 bottles and NOT use the subscription service.  The subscription service benefits our customers who tend to order smaller quantities on a regular basis.

Lastly, no all products are available for subscription.  If a subscription is available for the product you are purchasing, you will see the "Subscribe and Save" option on the product detail page.  You may cancel or change your subscription at any time.

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