Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly, and Propolis from the beekeeper to you

Durham's Bee Farm is a family owned and operated bee farm. We are not some marketing company trying to sell some products that people want. We got into bees because we love them!
We offer a lot of good information on bee pollen, royal jelly, and propolis. We have provided some great videos on honey bees that you should find very interesting.

Tim Durham Sr., founder of Durham's Bee Farm, bought his first official hive in 1977 although his interest in honey bees started many years before then! Since that time in 1977 Tim went on to grow a very successful honey bee farm providing honey to many grocery stores in the Memphis, TN and Northern Mississippi area. In 1999 we launched our website and after 12 years of being online we have just recently redone our site. In addition to running a successful honey bee farm, Tim Sr. served as president and vice president of the Memphis Area Beekeeper's Association for several years.

He is known in the Memphis area as the "Walls Bee Man". He has retrieved swarms of bees from the most unusual places, including airplanes, back seats of cars, and also Elvis Presley's Mansion more than once. When we lived in Durham, NC, Frances Bavier (Aunt B on Andy Griffith) called the Durhams to come get a wild swarm of bees.

We take pride in offering the best honey bee products on the market AND the best service you will find online. We ship most orders the same day if placed by 3pm CST. Our products are also available on and eBay and both sites have our products and service rated 5 STARS.

If you have any suggestions for this website, please drop us a line. We are always accessible by phone 901-369-9999 and welcome any insight you would like to offer. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to provide your honey bee product needs!

"I want to thank you for the fast service on my first order and the personal note from Tim, what a nice touch. My wife is from Brazil and told me about the benefits of your products as she has used in her native country. We have nothing but praise for your products and we want to keep healthy using propolis, bee pollen and royal jelly. We are in our mid-thirties and in good health and want to keep it that way for years to come. We will be customers for life."

"My wife and I recently ordered your comb honey and we want to tell you, it is absolutely wonderful. I haven't had such tasty honey since my father had bees years ago. Your comb honey is so tender and so tasty, it doesn't compare to our local bottled honey."

Raymond Jones
Delray Beach, FL

Durham's Bee Farm, Inc. was founded by President Tim Durham Sr. who got his first hive in 1977. Tim Sr. has been featured in MANY articles of the Memphis Commercial Appeal. This link will show you the headlines of some of those. Commercial Appeal Articles. We will be posting scans of actual articles in the near future.