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Royal Jelly Capsule 500mg

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Royal jelly is a "thick milky" substance that worker bees produce to feed the larva of workers bees for the first 3 days. Worker bees are fed a mixture of pollen and honey after the 3 days of Royal Jelly. However, the larva which the workers have selected to develop into Queens are continued to be fed Royal Jelly by worker bees for 10 days and the abundance of Royal Jelly is what makes the larva become a Queen. Queen bees are made from the same kind of egg that makes a worker but the egg fed more Royal Jelly produces a Queen. It is the Royal Jelly that makes a Queen a Queen.

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Esther Shtaerman

Royal Jelly Capsule 500mg

Francisco Horta
Being Bees is Best

Great product and on time delivery also very affordable price, thank you!

Jianxin Liu
I like Royal Jelly from Durham's Bee Farm

I like the Royal Jelly from Durham's Bee Farm. I am taking it every day and feeling rejuvenated, and I also believe that in a long run it can help my health. Compared with other similar products, I trusted Durham Royal Jelly more.
Thank you, Durham!

Top Quality

Durhams continues to produce the best bee products available. From their bee pollen to the Royal Jelly, you can't go wrong!

Steve Fletcher
Absolutely the best,

i take the royal jelly and bee pollen and my coleseral is under controll, durmhams is awesome

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