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Durham’s Wonder Salve is the combination of Propolis, Aloe Vera and Goldenseal.  We have produced this topical skin salve for many years and has been used for a many skin conditions and irritations.


Petroleum Jelly, Propolis Extract, Mineral Oil, Jojoba Oil, Aloe Vera Oil, Golden Seal and Comfrey.

Customer Reviews

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Dianne Rose

Great product

Tamny Crift
Wonder Salve is FANTASTIC!!

The salve is absolutely wonderful. I haven't seen anything work so quickly. I have scars on my lips from a bike accident and in the fall my lips get chapped and peel. The Wonder Salve is Fast track to healing. It is an overnight miracle!!! I could see the difference the next day. Within three days, no chapped lips!! Nothing I have tried in the past has worked like Wonder Salve. Great product. Worth every dime!!! Thank you

Roger K. Hartman
True Wonder

The Durham's team has taken one of God's miracles and placed it in an amazing salve. Helped protect and heal a large open wound on my right calf about the size of two silver dollars. Easily could have become infected without the salve. Praying to the Lord who made the bees, taking propolis and royal jelly, and applying Wonder Salve to the wound, I had 0 infection. Thank you Durham's!

Sonya Ashe
Finally Healed!!!!

I had been suffering from 'angular cheilitis' for over a year after having to use a CPCP. The corners of my mouth would be red and raw and sometimes cracking. I had tried everything. Eventually I changed my CPAP from full face mask to nasal cushion and it was STILL raw. After researching online for USA made products I found Durham's Bee Products and thought I would give the Wonder Salve. I rec'd my order quickly and applied the salve to the corners of my mouth several times a day. By day 3, my mouth had healed!!! I put it on every night to prevent the Cheilitis from coming back. I have had 4 bouts of Shingles in my life and will keep this salve on hand, just in case it ever comes back. I love it!!!!!


This stuff is AMAZING. I’ve had a spot on my nose that has been getting bad for about a year. The past few weeks it got considerably worse, bleeding if anything barely brushed it. I finally admitted to myself I would have to see a dermatologist. Then I happened to find my wonder salve and put it on religiously for the next few days and it cleared up exponentially within 72 hours.

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