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Pure Natural Bee Pollen 1/2 pound bag

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1/2 lb bag of pure natural bee pollen granules. Shipped to you just the way the bees bring it into the hive!

Customer Reviews

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Richard S
Old time remedies can work

Over twenty years ago I was taking shots for allergies. Giving myself a shot is not something to look forward to doing. Someone told me to get bee pollen from a local bee keeper and try it. I did and it worked. Allergies went away after a few months and I remained free until this past spring with the usual green pollen starting up. I did not want to go back to an allergist, and the tests, and the needles, so I looked for a local dealer in bee pollen and found Durham Bee Farm. Super fast delivery and after taking the pollen again, I am now experiencing relief especially at night and early mornings. I have purchased a bag to give to my son who is also having pollen problems. It works for me. I would recommend anyone to give it a try. It's nice to feel better again.

The best

I’ve been using bee pollen for years and this is absolutely the best. This was my third or fourth order. It’s very clean and fresh. Love it.

Enrique Cancino
Bee pollen is tops!

Normally I ingest pollen through my Queen's Delight product, which I also buy from Durhams. But once in a while, I buy the pollen by itself and it's no coincidence that it usually happens close to Spring or Fall because I consume it to fortify my immune system to fight off allergies. I have found that adding pollen to my diet makes it easier for me to live through the worst part of allergy season.
The product itself is fantastic: easy to take by itself or dissolved in milk, juice or cereal or added to a smoothie like my wife likes. I love the consistency of the pollen Durhams puts out despite the fact that it is a 100% natural product. I've had other pollen products and the size of the grains, the color or the smell change and I don't like that. Durhams is very consistent over time and first class.

Peter Cronis

flavor was ok, but not great

Angela Warfield
Great quality

This bee pollen is as fresh as you could want. Smells just like honey.

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