Durham's Propolis Salve

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Durham's Propolis Salve

Use as Medicating Ointment, Antiseptic Salve or Anti-Pain Cream

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Durham’s unparalleled quality salve/cream is the combination of Propolis, Aloe Vera and Goldenseal. Our PROPOLIS Salve/Cream features ingredients carefully chosen to provide your skin with the germ killing properties of Propolis, the healing effects of Aloe Vera , and anti-bacterial and anti-fungal benefits of Goldenseal. Our skin nourishing formulation of Propolis salve, reached after extensive research, maintains a delicate balance of moisturizers, natural oils, and fortifying nutrients found naturally in Propolis. This salve helps a wide variety of injuries and is exceptional for treatment of cuts, scrapes and all types of wounds and rashes.

Legend has it that Propolis was a gift from the gods, a miracle substance for use in healing. Indeed the powers of Propolis have demonstrated antibiotic, antihistamine, antifungal and antiviral properties. The ancient Egyptians saw Propolis as a source of eternal health and long life. They knew Propolis revitalizes and prevents decomposition. The Pharaohs of Egypt knew thousands of years ago what "modern science" is only now re-discovering: that Propolis is an extremely versatile healing agent.

Hippocrates (400-377 BC) the founder of western medicine, greatly respected Propolis, prescribing it to heal sores and ulcers, both external and internal.

Historically, people have used Propolis Antiseptic Salve for relief of blisters, boils, chapped hands, cracked feet, hives, insect bites, rashes, warts, poison ivy, chicken pox (to stop itching), rashes around the groin area, jock itch, dry skin, foot blisters (because it’s heavier than most salves and doesn’t melt and dissipate from the heat of running) plus many others.

Propolis is an All-Natural supplement made by honeybees. A resinous substance, which is gathered by honeybees from deciduous tree bark and leaves, is mixed with nectar, wax, pollen and beebread to form Propolis. Propolis serves as a superior source of Bioflavonoids, Amino acids, and as an infection protectant, an anti-inflammatory and a preventive supplement.

Propolis functions as the immune system of the beehive. Propolis is a natural substance produced by honeybees to strengthen and protect their hive from bacterial mold and viruses. Propolis contains properties that increase and strengthen our body’s natural resistance to disease by stimulating our body’s immune system. Its antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties make its application as a topical agent unrivaled in effectiveness among natural healing substances. It promotes skin cell renewal by up to 30%, softens and smoothes dry chaffed skin, eases skin irritations, promotes a younger healthier looking skin, and is breathable as in a liquid bandage. Propolis contains vitamins B1, B2, C and E, essential minerals, amino acids and powerful flavonoids. The antioxidant effects of bioflavonoids, one of the most important components in Propolis, may help to maintain a healthy immune system.

We are not aware of any current manufactured drugs that fight a virus, but Propolis has antiviral properties.

Customer Reviews

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Gave it to my son so I don't know how it works

I let my son use it and I never even tried it. I'll order again and try it.

Thank you for making this again!

I wanted to thank you for making this wonderful product again. I was unable to find any other product that worked as well as this one did on my lips and occasional cold sores. This product is just amazing. I use it every day and I'm so thankful tha you have it available again. And a big thanks to James who graciously answered all my emails pleading for some of this! You guys rock! And so do our precious bees!

You have a customer for life in me!