Durhams Royal Jelly

WHAT IS ROYAL JELLY?            

Royal jelly is a "thick milky" substance that worker bees produce to feed the larva of workers bees for the first 3 days.  Worker bees are fed a mixture of pollen and honey after the 3 days of Royal Jelly.  However,  the  larva which the workers have selected to develop into Queens are continued to be fed Royal Jelly by worker bees for 10 days  and the abundance of Royal Jelly is what makes the larva become a Queen.  Queen bees are made from the same kind of egg that makes a worker but the egg fed more Royal Jelly produces a Queen.  It is the Royal Jelly that makes a Queen a Queen.

The Queen Bee is about 45% longer and 60% heavier than the normal worker bee.  She can lay up to 2000 eggs a day in the peak of the season which all together  weigh approximately 2 times her own body weight.  The Queen only leaves her hive to mate in the air or to leave with a swarm.  The Queen can live up to 6 years but in most cases, she becomes nonproductive by the 4th year and the workers then replace her by producing a new queen.  Most beekeepers , however, replace the queen by the 3rd year or sooner to keep the hive strong.  

Royal Jelly users claim it offers many benefits such as an Anti-Aging Agent, Hormonal Stimulant, Energy Enhancer, Natural Anti-Depressant, and Cholesterol Control.  Nature has provided many nutritious substances to help nourish our bodies and Royal Jelly is one of the most amazing rare food substances from the beehive consisting of trace amounts of many nutritious compounds.


We receive many inquiries regarding lyophilized Royal Jelly (more commonly called Freeze-Dried Royal Jelly).  There are a few companies on the internet that are posting inaccurate information regarding Freeze-Dried Royal Jelly.  Durham's Bee Farm Royal Jelly is Freeze Dried and the Highest Quality Royal Jelly on the market at a price well below what many of our competitors sell it for. Many customers ask us why is Durham's Bee Farm Royal Jelly so low priced.  The answer; we have NO middle men, few employees, no chairman of the board to pay, No high dollar radio adds to pay for.   No high prices required like companies that use multi-level marketing as their business model.  Multi-Level marketing requires a very high price so that sellers down the food chain have enough incentive to sell the product.   You get the highest quality freeze-dried Royal Jelly direct from us.

Royal Jelly is offered in one of two ways.  It is offered in its pure natural state that is like a thick milky substance.  This form is very unstable and must be kept frozen or refrigerated in order to preserve it.  Because of the instability of this form we do not offer it to our customers.

The second form of Royal Jelly is an extract (powder or liquid form).  The powder extract is by far the most popular and is what capsules contain.  There are two methods of achieving a powdered extract, (1) Freeze-dried or (2) Spray-dried.  Freeze-drying the Royal Jelly cost more to manufacture but it is also the best way because no food preservatives have to be added.  Freeze Drying the Royal Jelly removes all the moisture content and contrary to what some Royal Jelly providers say, NO nutritional value is lost in this process.

A cheaper method of producing the Royal Jelly is to use a spray-dry method.  This method involves diluting down the Royal Jelly and spraying it to achieve a dried product.  This method requires that a food preservative be added to it and we do not offer Royal Jelly manufactured by this process.  Even if the spray-dried Royal Jelly contains Honey is should also contain a food preservative.

There are Royal Jelly providers (non-beekeepers) that promote their product because Honey is added to the product.  Although bacteria can not grow in honey, it does not serve as a food preservative.  Even if the spray-dried Royal Jelly contains honey, it should still contain a food preservative.


Regardless of whether you purchase your royal jelly from Durham's Bee Farm or another source, you should buy freeze dried royal jelly. The facts above explain why you should go with lyophilized (freeze-dried) Royal Jelly.

Freeze-Dried Royal Jelly is fresh Royal jelly with the water removed. Freeze-Dried Royal Jelly contains 100% of the original nutrients, maintaining its full strength providing you a wonderful product that is very stable. Freeze Dried Royal Jelly has a long shelf life giving you flexibility to take it with you on trip or leave at the office without refrigeration.

We offer Freeze-Dried Royal Jelly in two products.  Our Award winning and top selling Queen's Delight® and the Durham's Royal Jelly capsules.